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Dealer offering.. for new pro4x

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Dealer said my truck is worth 18,000 CAD. towards a 2017 pro4x. seems to be not bad as it was 30k new.
2012 sv 4x4 swb. 115,000km
dealer also said he will give me 2400 for all my mods which i found not to bad.
so 20,000 for my truck seem decent?
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Sticker was 60k -8000 rebate = 52k
-18000 for my truck
-2400 for mods
-1750 loyalty program
about 30000+ Tax for the new one.
one thing with my truck is some old man hit my truck as well, it weas fixed but has been in an accident(not major) also needs windshield replaced and front bumper is rusty AF
im thinking I could get it for 49k seems decent as 52 is technically their msrp, cause the -8000 is off nissans end hopefully March they will have bigger rebates
Yeah, the second someone sees "accident" or any rust the value goes down dramatically... sounds like you aren't doing too bad then...

In the end, the only one that needs to be happy with the deal is you. As long as you perceive good value, you will be happy.

Just keep in mind the new ones aren't as pretty ;)
hahaha honestly i think the new ones look alot better in person.
i wasent a fan before myself
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