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dealer visit

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so i took my titan to Trophy Nissan today to get the first oil change..... was there for about an hour and a half. they scheduled me to ask for this one guy so i get in there and ask for 'danny' and turns out that tha guy wasnt even there. pretty gay. good thing that they had a local sports radio station there broadcasting and they had some chicks passing out koozies and stickers and stuff. so the wait wasnt that bad. i did get to walk tha lot and look at all the other 08's.....and im not impressed i think there was only 1 other LE and it was a KC but it did have the black leather. thats the only thing i wish mine had:( . but other than that not too impressed with the new stock out there. anyways just wanted to rant a lil bit about the dealer, thanks for reading this irrelevant post.:computern
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sounds like all stealerships have slow workers, mine included, but hey i still have two more years of free oil changes.:rolleyes:
Good reason to start changing your own oil.
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