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Dealership nightmare!

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This is my first post, but I've been browsing for quite some time, actually since i got my truck back in march. I love it, but lately it seems like she's falling apart.

Now a serious problem has arisen. My driveshaft where it meets with the transfer case has too much flex and as I'm driving will flex up and hit under the cab. It is causing serious damage to the u-joints and to the underbody. It has been to my local dealership 3 times, and 3 times I have gotten a different response about what is causing the problem.

1. Could not duplicate noise at this time.

2. Confirmed noise. Caused by leveling kit in front causing driveshaft out of alignment. Recommend shim kit in the rear
(Went to my local offroad place which nissan suggested going to about this and they said the leveling kit would have absolutely no affect on the alignment of the driveshaft with the transfer case)

3. This is where they were trying to get me really bad. Bent crossmember due to impact(too bad the dents are up and down not front and back which would be expected from an impact I believe it was caused by them hoisting up the truck) Left rear leaf spring shackle bent( caused by me pulling a friend who got himself stuck on a razorback) *Notice on last visit all four tires bald. Bolts switched on exhaust(yes cuz nissans factory bolts snapped while dropping down the exhaust) Recommend replace crossmember despite the fact its just the lil beauty plate that is bent.

This problem is causing the u-joints to become rounded out to the point where it is possible for them to snap.

My truck is now apparently under investigation and there is an investigator coming out sometime this week where I will take my truck in to show him and hopefully get the chance to explain everything. The truck is only 5 months old.

Sorry for the rant but I wanted to hear everyones opinion and maybe an idea of whats going on. Thank you
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Does installing a leveling kit or lift void your warranty in any way? Sounds like this at least had something to do with the problem? Just curious...
The leveling kits do NOT void the warranty and as yet, have not been proven to damage the vehicle in any way if properly installed. If a 2 1/2" kit is installed on a 4x4, the coil buckets will hit the A-arms, but otherwise, drive angle is relatively unchanged. There are MANY threads on here about this. It's bogus. The dealer you are playing with appears to just be making excuses instead of stepping up. Tread carefully as the "investigator" may not be unbiased.
so its the middle of the week, and still no investigator. They were telling me the way my warranty works is only the stuff i take off the truck and switch its voided. kinda weird if you ask me.
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