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Deaver 4" lift springs, anybody have them?

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I couldn't post a link, but if you go to deaverspring . com and look under products for nissan they are there.
anybody using these right now? I emailed them and price is around $750. How is the ride quality and overall impression?
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Gonpostal said:
if you are looking for comfort, deaver leafs are not for you. If your all about performance its ok.
I pulled the following off the Deaver website and wanted to know if anybody is running these springs in the rear. I believe comfort is part of the performance equation or else I would be installing gold plated bling lift blocks :jester: I just don't want to have a stiff rear end bouncing all over the desert. The email I got from Deaver said the ride quality is like stock or better and it has improved roll control of the truck. I would just like to hear a real world impression and not the opinion of the salesman. And these springs are supposed to eliminate the need for traction bars.

"Deaver Spring is known as THE manufacturer of custom leaf spring packs for off-road vehicles, and has developed a race-quality Nissan leaf spring that covers almost any application. In every case, we can improve the performance of a vehicle on and off-road by increasing the amount and quality of the suspension travel.

Key Benefits
Military Wrap Stationary Eye
Full tight rebound wrap (Built-in traction bar)
Diamond point inter-leaf end with polypropylene pad inserts
Description Part # H50

2004 - 2005 TITAN 4" Lift 12 Leaf with Rebound "
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