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I’m abojt to upgrade my suspension and curious anyone recently done any of the below and care sharing? Yes I have searched and read all threads on here about this as well, looking to hear from anyone who actually installed and used any of these or combo of these parts. Also with regards to prg products and Greg, is he a one man shop and that’s why there are so many complaints about him with lack of communication and late very late deliveries? Spoke with Deaver and the min pa LS are proprietary only sold to him... thanks for the help!
Currently have prg mini lift level kit with 2.5” lift spacer in front which measures 1.5” thick and 1” tall block in the front. Stock 18” rims with slightly larger than stock nitto terra grapplers g2s.

About to install bilstein adjustables up front and 5125’s in back good for 1-3” of lift. Also putting on rough country upper control arms, prg sway bar link ends, moog stock replacement coil springs and moog inner and outer tie rods and new lower control arm cam alignment adjustment bolts and the prg delrin spacers for the lower control arms.

I’d like to add the Deaver c-10 mini pack which says adds 1.5” of lift so with the block I have would put me at 2.5” in back but I hear they all sit differently and also start off very tall and take time to drop and settle out? Also concerned about negative comments I’ve read concerning ride quality and excessive droop with relatively small payload in the bed and on the trailer tongue. Just looking for personal experience good or bad please share.

Then my plan was to leave those 2.5” of lift front spacers which measure 1.5” tall and put the bilstein strut adjusted to the middle setting in there for about 4” of total front lift. I know prg sells this kit with same rough country upper control arm but with the shorter 2” of lift front spacer but says can have the strut with that adjusted to the top setting; so I’m wondering if at the middle setting will clearance be ok with my taller spacer which only measures I believe like 1/4” or 1/3” taller. I’m fine with grinding or cutting back a bit of the coil bucket cover if needed to. Didn’t want to have to buy another set of spacers when I already have a pair unless really wont work...

Also want to keep the level look as I have now it sits good at level or maybe very slight forward rake.

Just don’t want to waste my time on those mini pack leaf spring add ons too as it seems like a good little bit of work putting them together. Would I be better off just increasing the size of my rear lift block instead and addi the rough country traction bars bolted up?

Also with either route would I need to account for the driveshaft angle changing and would it be necessary to add on that drop bracket or should I be ok st only 3” or less in the rear?

And lastly any recommendations on shops in palm beach country or broward county area that could do this work if brought parts to them for a decent price? Planning on doing myself but if only a couple hundred may let a shop do it.

Thank you for the help in advance!
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