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I prefer to lose all the advertising the manufactures'
glue onto vehicles.....FYI when you pop the Nissan
badge off the rear tailgate black plastic, there are two
small exposed holes...Plugged them with a snap in,black,
domed 1/4" plugs...looks a lot cleaner. everything else is
held on with a 3M type automotive tape that a hair dryer
and plastic putty knife can just lift off. I personally think
the truck looks alot cleaner. The big "Nissan" in the grille
stays until I decide whether to go with a billet..........
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Bought the plugs at local hardware store that specializes
in all types of nuts, bolts, fastener type things..also it's
a pretty standard product for automotive body shop
suppy stores......

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NSXER said:
Here's the tailgate w/o the "Nissan" and LE badging
Paint that panel white to match now.
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