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Decked bed tool box

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p/dn1.htmNissan Titan (2004-2015) 5' 7" bed length

Just wondering if anyone has one, like/dislike, or pics with it in the truck. Looks useful, but my concern is how much of the bed height is left. Thanks.
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I bought my tonneau cover from a guy with one of these.

He added a topper to maintain as much bed storage as possible. It comes up pretty high in the bed. It doesn't leave much side board height in the bed.

It is a pretty neat system though, but I don't see using one without a topper.
This topic interests me as well. If there is anyone with a Decked box installed that can post some pics I would appreciate it
Nobody has one in their truck?! How about something similar or what you're using to store gear/tools that's secure & out of the elements? I liked the idea of the decked because i can load & unload gear if i've got the bed loaded with other stuff. Show me what you're using! Help a brother out!
Nice, a lot of engineering in that device. I just can't see them flying off the shelves at $1000 each. Maybe for the contractors out there, but IDK.

Not for me. Thanks for sharing though.
I went to the great American outdoor show this year and they had a bunch of trucks with these in them. Some real nice diamond plate ones. I think every one had a topper on there except one had ramps and a 4 wheeler on there. They looked cool and some had custom stuff with like a pull out grill. For the price I almost think you could have someone fabricate it for cheaper, maybe with better materials and exactly what you want.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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