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Dedicated Winter Tire

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What do you guys run. I ran Cooper m+s studded they were good but wear really odd. Was looking at Toyo CT or duratracs studded but thinking I need an actual dedicated Winter. Drive some of the worst highways in Canada
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The Duratracs seem to be a favorite on here. I just bought some a couple months ago and love them off road. Haven't tried snow yet.

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Blizzaks, which are awesome. Kept me moving in the worst of the colorado winter conditions and I feel sure have kept me out of the ditch several times....


I just ordered a new set of the Falken AT3 wildpeak that are severe snow rated so no more swapping for me
I already have Toyo At 2 Xtremes so I have to swap either way. So I may as well have a actual full winter tire not just a staddable A/T basically. Are blizzacks staddable?
Mine can't be studded but I think some can.
Blizzaks can be studded in some models^^^. Either Blizzaks, or Nokian Hakkapeliitta's are hands-down best choices. Quick search - neither of them seem to have studable models in the TireRack recommended 265/7018. I ran "studless" Blizzaks on several rear wheel drive vehicles (BMWs) when I lived Syracuse. Unbelievably good traction in horrible weather.
Toyo Open Country G02+ ice/snow tire. Works great on my Titan as a dedicated winter tire. Next choice would be Blizzaks.
Definitely Nokian Hakkapeliitta if available where you live. They are experts in making winter tires. I run Hakka 5, 275/55 r20 on the Titan and Hakka 7, 205/55 r16 on the V70. Amazing on ice and hard packed snow.
Are you going to put it on 20" rims or 18". I have to buy a set, my summer tires are 20", I am planning to buy a set of 18" rims for winter tires. I hope, I don't have to alter the break.
20" cause I just get the tires swapped to my rims
Just sucks my one sidewall got slit cause the other 3 tires are not that bad. I guess I could just buy 2.. but then I'd always be buying 2..
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