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I think I've decided to keep my chrome wheels on during the winter up here in the northeast, instead of buying a new set of tires for my stock rims to use during the winter. My question is how would you protect the wheels against salt and all that stuff? I know the correct answer is to take them off and throw the stockers on with some cheapo tires, but I don't want to go that route. Are there any polishes/waxes/protectants out there that'll fend off the nasties of winter? Or when the salt hits the roads, I should just rinse/wipe off wheels once per week or something? Any ideas would be great!
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I have heard nothing but good feedback about this stuff. It is huge in the Harley world. With all that chrome on those bikes, and many of them being hardcore riders, riding year round, it must work. It is cheap insurance, although a little on the pricey side.
You Need To Use Salt-away.i Have Been And Thousands Have Used It In And On There Boats For Years.if It Works With Salt Water It Will Will Work On Road Salt And More-been Using It For Years On My Cars.i Also Flush My Mercury Outboard With It. WWW.SALT-AWAY.COM
Thanks! I've heard of this stuff. It may be a little pricey, but the wheels were a heck of a lot more, and it might be worth it to protect my investment.
I think no matter what you wipe them with, you still need to wash them off once in a while. While you have the hose out (in the snow) spray off the underside of the truck, or it will disintegrate in 3 years.
I Agree On Washing The Bottom Of The Vech-salt-away Has A Hose Adapter That Mixes The Right Amount Of Water With Product That Can Be Used Over The Entire Vech-they Have A Spray Bottle For Smaller Want To Use The Hose Adapter So It Mixes Correctly When Applying To Entire Vech-if You Use The Spray Bottle On The Vech It Will Leave A Harmless Film That Wipes Off-this Stuff Is Great -check Out The Web Site.i Use It On My Snowblowers,boat,truck,motor And Anything That Sits Outside Exposed To The Elements.
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