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Detroit TrueTrac Question

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Hi all...

I live close to Houston, TX. I am thinking of installing a TT in my Titan. Did anyone have their TrueTrac installed in the Houston area (or North of Houston)?

If so, can you please let me know what shop did it, assuming that it was done properly (if you can, please include a phone number or website)?

Can you also include the price of installation and the time frame that I should be looking at?

What parts other than the TrueTrac do I need? Axle seals and bearings?

I will probably be adding a Mag-hytech diff cover to the mix with a temperature gauge. Should I also get one for the front of the truck (I am not sure that it will fit or is necessary)?

Thanks for any information,
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Try Pyle Bros near Baytown. I have heard good things about them and I will have mine installed there when needed. , 281-421-5878. Let me know how things turn out.
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