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DFW - Lounge (or anyone else in north TX)

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Why not make a lounge for locals to chat..? I just got my truck.. its an 04 (I know first year - but for the price I couldnt resist) 4x4 king cab...

I better update my sig - mods are already on their way. I will be doing timing advance today since I have the Cipher (OSIRIS/UPREV). Im on the list too - if anyone needs it done..

The 2 Degree Advance

CFS dual core radiator also on the way cause i dont want to have to deal with the OEM plastic crapping out on me. Transmission cooler (external) and of course all new hoses.. Im going to wait on wheels for now (if I can hold off).

I love Nissan - own a 05 350z that I drift with (sometimes auto-x but drifting is my fav!) has all the bells and whistles (minus boost).. ...and now the Titan (my first V8)...

I saw the meet thread - surprised of the lack of participation. Soon there will be more activity in here.. I already know a future titan owner and BlueBob (I was part of DNE back in the day too in my Maxima - but Blue's been in the game way longer)
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too lazy to read the whole thread... I dig Addison in general, but what location specifically?

Jake - Nice job creating a Lounge thread on the T forum haha
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I took off all my badges except for my 4x4 sticker... my favorite sticker on any car ironically
I'm doing some electronics on my T... a little customization to go along with my stereo :)

also helping a friend with his speakers on a G35

Jake and I are both pretty heavily involved in the local G35 scene... :D
I work for Quest Diagnostics in the I.T. dept.. I support medical software.. I just do the car stuff as a "on the side" type thing..

how bout you boss?
Dude, for all the years I've known you, I just learned this fact this past weekend... not a huge number of people in Healthcare IT. Which healthcare system to you support? I've worked in Healthcare IT for a total of 7 years now. An industry I quite enjoy
I do all my own work, but a few friends tend to help where I may not be as knowledgeable. I've always done my own stereo work, but learn something new on how to do it better, faster, more efficiently each time.
what software do you support? or is it home grown as most healthcare IT tends to be...?
easiest damn suspension work I've ever done... was shocking... after lowering so many vehicles, this "going up" stuff is really awesome hahaha
I like your style
very nice... that'll look hot... ironically, the only picture I could find of my wheels were on an Armada... i still went on faith that they would look right with 33's :D
free lift kit?
thank you sir... feel free to dry hump my truck's rear end... it wouldn't be the first time it's happened to her hahaha
I definitely love the look of my T without the badges... of course, I've taken the badges off of every car I've owned...
Spent the time yesterday and finally installed a custom R/W/Y RGB plug setup along with a USB jack in my truck connected to my stereo. Here is a pic a buddy of mine took.

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I'm more interested in the Mardi Gras beads, what you have to do to get those, eh? *wink* *wink*
some friends on the G boards questioned if they were anal beads hahaha...

those were given to me on Cinco De Mayo at BlackFinn by the Budlight girls.... need to take those out haha
now I'm concerned a bit... hahahaha
Remove them from her with your teeth? Lol
I love thread hijacking Jake! haha

Yea, hit me up while you're down there. We're heading down Friday mid day. Can't wait! :D
LOL... I know that tree! haha Always packed full of people. I'm bringing a 1 liter igloo pitcher to store my mixed drinks :D
Used to just tie a string to a six pack and let it float behind, LOL
Since the river passes right behind our condo and the condo has buses to take us to the start, we just go a bunch of times and usually stop by the condo for a refill, so no need for any full size cooler (generally). My 1 liter igloo personal drink thing should last me just fine! haha

Here is where we are staying chris..

New Braunfels vacation estate rental: Majestic Private Estate near New Braunfels with 1000 feet of riverfront!

We will have 4 couples (including us) stayin... should be a good trip...
That's pimp! You're over in Seguin though. Either way, looks like yall will have a damn good time as well!
From the address in your link to the location of our condos, it appears to be about 16 miles. Google Maps estimates that at about 30 mins. Definitely different areas, but not too bad. Just hit me up and we'll try to figure something out. I'm sure I'll be consuming a lot of adult beverages that weekend though, so I may not be 100% if I answer hahahahaha
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