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DFW - Lounge (or anyone else in north TX)

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Why not make a lounge for locals to chat..? I just got my truck.. its an 04 (I know first year - but for the price I couldnt resist) 4x4 king cab...

I better update my sig - mods are already on their way. I will be doing timing advance today since I have the Cipher (OSIRIS/UPREV). Im on the list too - if anyone needs it done..

The 2 Degree Advance

CFS dual core radiator also on the way cause i dont want to have to deal with the OEM plastic crapping out on me. Transmission cooler (external) and of course all new hoses.. Im going to wait on wheels for now (if I can hold off).

I love Nissan - own a 05 350z that I drift with (sometimes auto-x but drifting is my fav!) has all the bells and whistles (minus boost).. ...and now the Titan (my first V8)...

I saw the meet thread - surprised of the lack of participation. Soon there will be more activity in here.. I already know a future titan owner and BlueBob (I was part of DNE back in the day too in my Maxima - but Blue's been in the game way longer)
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Hey I am soon to be in the dfw area hopefully i can make it to this meet wherever it may be.
Hey guys im gonna be in arlington this friday and saturday can anyone hook me up with a 2 degree?
Im free to drive around I am gonna start work in Midland on monday so I leave sunday
I dont know probably when i wake up, im gonna be drunk saturday
^^^Friday after work it ...PM sent holmes..

got it, i will be staying at UTA campus
Just in midland I will be working for Pioneer, gonna be shacked up in a hotel for 15 days until i find a place to call home
Sup guys anyone interested in helping a fella out with a tt install

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Ill be joining the dfw guys on the 15 of April
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I'm moving to dfw area from the crap box known as midland

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Keller area, and I'm always down to get some drinks.
If i was to get any they would be jba long tubes, unless you can find nismo ones which is almost impossible

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I will continue to mod once I get moved back to Dfw which will be next week :-D
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I heard about that I'm glad your doing alright. I've got a2005 cbr 1000 I've been itching to ride with someone around here. Sorry I won't be able to ride with you for a while
Hey atleast you know it'll stop trocks from flying up

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Well everyone I did I ordered headers abs should be putting them on in 2 weeks who is willing to help for beer and smokes

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