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DFW - Lounge (or anyone else in north TX)

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Why not make a lounge for locals to chat..? I just got my truck.. its an 04 (I know first year - but for the price I couldnt resist) 4x4 king cab...

I better update my sig - mods are already on their way. I will be doing timing advance today since I have the Cipher (OSIRIS/UPREV). Im on the list too - if anyone needs it done..

The 2 Degree Advance

CFS dual core radiator also on the way cause i dont want to have to deal with the OEM plastic crapping out on me. Transmission cooler (external) and of course all new hoses.. Im going to wait on wheels for now (if I can hold off).

I love Nissan - own a 05 350z that I drift with (sometimes auto-x but drifting is my fav!) has all the bells and whistles (minus boost).. ...and now the Titan (my first V8)...

I saw the meet thread - surprised of the lack of participation. Soon there will be more activity in here.. I already know a future titan owner and BlueBob (I was part of DNE back in the day too in my Maxima - but Blue's been in the game way longer)
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Any one In or around Grand Prairie? :flamed:
I'm 17, but I take a lot of pride in my titan, so would these meetings be appropriate for me? I don't wanna come and hangout with a bunch of drunk old guys.. Ha
Oh, my dad has a T too, so he would probably come with me.
Myself and izzyandezra are both in the arl mansfield area. What part of gp are you in?

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Right off 360 and camp wisdom
if you need parts bro let me know. i can get them for you cheap. i have a direct connect with bilstein. i just ordered bilstein 5160's with remote resi's for 177 a piece
What about 5100's?
yes 5100's also. any bilstein.
How much can you get off of retail
Do any of y'all have the bdgt? I'm about to buy it but needed a final push to get over the hump. Any bad reviews? From what I've read on here all I can see is the difficulty doing the initial install, but that's it.. Thanks guys!
I just put my truck in the shop, I heard and felt a really weird noise coming up under too. Turns out I need a new drive shaft, u bolts and a damn new rear differential/axle. Apparently titans have some issues with rear differentials? The mechanic said the gears had almost meshed together. Quoted me $4800 dollars for a "remanufactured" differential which would be about 1000 dollars cheaper.
I'm in shear sticker shock of how much it is..
No it's 2.
I'll look into it.. What's trutrac... Hahaha
There is someone in Lewisville parting out a 2007, check there and save yourself a ton of $$$$
Can you post a link to his profile?
What does a trutrac do? I'm lost..
So maybe my diff problem is a little bigger than I expected. I was on my way to take it to the shop, stopped at a light, hit the gas, and a gear just shoots through the diff casing. I'm at a loss for words..


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No a gear actually popped out of the casing. I was stopped at a light, touched the gas and it popped and then I didn't have anything. No park, no reverse, so drive. Had to get it towed.
All in all...
Rear diff is fcuked. Getting it "rebuilt" with aftermarket stuff as we speak.


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Fuuuuuk! that is UGLY Mdox!

You getting Trutrac now?
Probably, either that or the tranny shop I took it to is gonna rebuild it with upgraded hardware
Im not really sure. My pops took it in and said he'd cover it. When I figure out I'll let y'all know.
I got the whole diff replaced. Runs like new. Love it!
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So you dont know if you anything aftermarket? or just get the rearend replaced.. Also - how much? I need to know how much Im going to save when I get TruTrac..
I think it came out to $1800 but I'm not sure
Cool pic I just took before the storm hits. Me and my pops Titans.


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Font Signage Sign Logo

Just thought I'd share my 2 BA stickers that came in.

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