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DFW - Lounge (or anyone else in north TX)

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Why not make a lounge for locals to chat..? I just got my truck.. its an 04 (I know first year - but for the price I couldnt resist) 4x4 king cab...

I better update my sig - mods are already on their way. I will be doing timing advance today since I have the Cipher (OSIRIS/UPREV). Im on the list too - if anyone needs it done..

The 2 Degree Advance

CFS dual core radiator also on the way cause i dont want to have to deal with the OEM plastic crapping out on me. Transmission cooler (external) and of course all new hoses.. Im going to wait on wheels for now (if I can hold off).

I love Nissan - own a 05 350z that I drift with (sometimes auto-x but drifting is my fav!) has all the bells and whistles (minus boost).. ...and now the Titan (my first V8)...

I saw the meet thread - surprised of the lack of participation. Soon there will be more activity in here.. I already know a future titan owner and BlueBob (I was part of DNE back in the day too in my Maxima - but Blue's been in the game way longer)
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Hey guys, I'm new to TT, but this is my second Titan. I live in Little Elm, but work in Plano @ Tennyson and the Tollway.
Maybe I'll meet up with you guys there for the next one. I've been trying to get opinions on some of the mods I want to do. No better way to find out than in person.
Monoprice is awesome, got all my wall mounts and surround sound wiring from there.
^^^LOL...I have one in my closet too...Im not sending mine back either..
Something like this might work.

Pioneer GM-D7500M (gmd7500m) 800W Max, GM Digital Series Class D

Or this one, comes with a wiring kit.
Hell, use the 4ga to make a grounding kit.
Found this on CL for anyone with a KC looking for a tonneau cover.

Extang Solid Fold Bed Cover Nissan Titan '06 - '09

My new mod.. titan shorty antenna.

I like that, how much and where from?

Also, that one would fit your truck Jake. According to the Extang site it is for 04-12.
It should fit a short bed crew cab right?
Nope, the KC bed is 6.5' where the CC bed is 5.5'. So unless you want an extra foot of cover hanging over the end of the bed I wouldn't get it for a CC.
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Which ROM are you running on your captivate?

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I've thought about jumping to an ICS ROM, but I'm still on GB 2.3.6.
I'm on Mosaic IX now...might have to look at making the jump to ICS.

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Man this is not because of a grounding loop, something more serious than that. I work in electronics for a living, it is not an extra ground cable.
Thank you, I don't know why he keeps trying to point to ground issues all of the sudden.

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MrB, did you make any changes before this started happening? Just trying some basic troubleshooting steps here to determine the cause.

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I put a ground to my blinker fluid and the bulb flashed faster. WTH?? Then when my whale tail stopped functioning I threw it in the trash. Daggum fluid

Amateurs, everyone knows you are supposed to ground to your brake fluid instead.:eyebrow:
Sorry to hear you still haven't been able to find the problem. Wish I could help but I'm clueless right now.

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kale... are you ever in the plano area?
No, he just lives there. :eyebrow:
Jason I have a surprise for you. :)

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Guess I left town just in time. I just got in to Austin, we left Plano about 1 and missed all the tornadoes.

Hope everyone is alright.
anyone coming to cars and coffee in Plano on Saturday? it's at spring creek and toll way at classic BMW. I'll be there

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It's a possibility.

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Sorry to hear that, but hopefully they are right and the new ECU will resolve your issues. Sucks that it too so long to find the cause and get it resolved though.
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