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to change the leds out you need two different sizes of bulbs which need to be used in different parts of the truck. below is a list of where the seperate leds types with the part that needs to correspond to that led.

PLCC-2 1210 LED(square led)- gauge clusters, odometer, screen display for radio, and havent done it but maybe display for A/C

1206 SMD led(small rectangle)- this is needed for the buttons for radio, door controls, and for the A/C buttons(that part is really hard to do. there is two lights in the inside of the three buttons, one which looks like the small led which is easy to change but the second looks like a bulb that requires a resistor to be soldered on as well)
not to be off topic but did you get your lift at planet pick up, i saw a pic there of a nice looking white lifted T and they said they only due fab lifts? i'm in San Antonio as well but haven't seen you around. i'm thinking about doing this LED mod or maybe having you do it. pm on how much you would charge

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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