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This isn't another my "my miles per gallon sucks" thread.

I came from what I thought was a really good on gas car. A 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS.

Now, one thing I will say, it was extremely fast. But a truck is so much more practical, plus the Titan is so much larger and safer I feel better about putting my family in it. But the mileage had bothered me since I bought the truck. So I decided to do the math.

I usually fill up when I've driven 300 miles. The Matrix required Premium fuel, so my per gallon cost was more. So here's what I learned about my cars, and why I feel better about the Titan.

The mpg on the Matrix was average 26 mpg, I'm getting average 16 in the Titan.

My fuel costs (as of today) are Regular $1.95, and Premium $2.55.

So taking that into account:

300 miles / 26 mpg = 11.54 gallons / fillup.
11.54 gallons * $2.55/gallon = $29.43 / fillup

300 miles / 16 mpg = 18.75 gallons / fillup
18.75 gallons * $1.95/gallon = $36.56 / fillup

Difference being $36.56 - $29.43 = $7.13 more / fill up for the Titan

That being said, for an extra $14.26 / week (I fill up twice a week), I get a much larger and safer vehicle, with a hell of a lot more power. Something that is actually more fun to drive, and gets more looks. And can haul more.

So yeah, I feel better about my mileage now.
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