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Did the mesh grill mod, with a few twists.

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I decided to go ahead and do the mesh mod and ordered the mesh to complete it. Once this was cut and bent to shape, the mods started.

the mesh was sprayed with bedliner, then a satin clear coat. i did this on my cowl as well, and it gives it an almost wet look, without being to shiney

I then proceeded to cut out the honeycomb, and grind down the left overs. there were also some nubs that had to go.

i did both the top and bottom grill, and reinstalled the scoops. The other twist is i bedlined them before reinstalling them on the grill. I didnt want them turning grey on me!!


almost there!

bedliner first?


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NICE!!!!! Looks good, I like the lower grille. Has anyone else done the lower?

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i need to bedline my cowl...

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the lower grill just takes lots and lots of tweaking. I just kept trimming it until it sat in there the way i wanted it, against the cross bar. then painted it, and its held in my two small zip ties.
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