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Good Morning! I've had my 2004 Titan LE Crew Cab for a week now, and so far fixed a rear axle seal, AC woodpecker noise, Evaporator sensor, and getting ready to install the non-existent E-Brake.

All not bad so far, but the one that get me is that now the DIFF LOCK light comes on when I start the truck, after a minute, goes off, and the ABS light comes on. I tested the 4WD last night, and it works fine. there's no popping, locking up, etc, just the lights. Im not really worried about having the locking part of the rear diff, so if that function doesn't work, its fine. I just want to make sure nothing is going to blow up. I've seen a few threads about this, answers ranging from axle going out, to loose wires, to brake fluid, to cleaning the sensor. I noticed that on top of the pumpkin, there's wires and a sensor held on by one bolt. Assuming that's the diff sensor, can that just be popped out and cleaned?

Brake fluid is fine
connections seem good

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