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Diff Lock light flashing and Slip light on

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I have a 2014 Pro-4x with 20k miles on it. Did a oil change yesterday morning then ran some errands. Woke up this morning and hopped in my beast to go to work and when I started it up I noticed the DIFF LOCK light flashing the whole time (1hr commute) and the Slip light is on and won't turn off when I engage the button.

Did some research on here and saw some pointed to low brake fluid could be causing it so check that and still having the issue.

Also saw that it could be my rear end going out. Could this be the case with only 20k miles?

Any suggestions?

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Engage 4Lo, then turn the e-locker switch on until it stops flashing (meaning it is engaged). Then reverse the process. I've had my diff lock light come on twice for no apparent reason. This process seems to make it go away. If that doesn't work then you have other problems.
Is it possible that you dislodged one of the wheel speed sensor cables?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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