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dimensionz's pics....

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I don't normally post pics, but do to the mods wich we've done other members have asked for pics, any questions or help that I or my crew can offer will be forthcoming.....

1st set is a little older pics..
2nd set will be newer pics...

btw: thanks to "SHDW03", "Makanboy" and to "Als" for all the help on mine as well as all the others.....


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2nd set of pics......:clap:


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sorry still more pics.....


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awwright last one....


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just badazz... I like the way the 08 convertion looks
Clean looking, great audio set up.:)
digging that agressive front end, nice conversion...
Super clean and super nice mods!
How did you get the head lights to look smoked?
So you removed the spare tire in favor of the 3 gallon tank and airhorn?

Surely there must be another location to mount a tank? I guess I may have to buy 2 1.5 gallon tanks :(

No way I'm going to offroad my titan with no spare tire.
As far as the headlights go, we opened em up to spray the reflectors gloss black the SHDW03 tinted the orange pkg light lens w/ the VHT "Nite-Shades" be careful with this stuff as it can get really dark quick, we spray like 3 good coats then buff it out to a luster as well as cut it down some.

About the compressor & tank set up I run 35's so the spare wouldnt do much for me, besides on our rock i'd just have it towed back...however my partner did his in the middle of the truck with horns & tank on some fabricated brackets.
Thats sick you lookin to get rid of your old stillen grill?
sorry, my nephew has almost the same exact truck, lift & all and he gets all my hand me downs, part of the plan I think as he knows how I go through stuffs....He already has my CST coilovers, stock grille W/billett as well as the Stillen one, and my old foglights, next I think he wants to do the H/lamps W/strobes for his truck...

Is this your strobe light switches? What kind of strobe set do you have? Mine are coming in tomorrow and hopfully installed on saturday. As far as a 35" spare it will fit in the spare location. Even though I have 20's I put an old 35x12.5x17 on my stock spare rim and it fits fine. When the 17 and 20 are put side by side there is not that much of a size difference which is why I stayed with that set up. One last thing do you have a video of you strobes in action? Nice truck by the way.
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I love the look...I'll have to ship mine out to a guy I know on a different forum and ask him to do it...something similar...I just need the smoked look and get rid of the three yellow deflectors.
Nice work...
dimensionz said:
....He already has my CST coilovers...
nice truck ... which coilovers were these?

disregard ... I think you meant Fox C/Os, now that you have Radflos ...
Nice truck!! You sure have alot of time and money in that truck.
local kine, stereo shop..drilled him down to $500.00 for the set of two.... There ok I guess my youngest who sits in a car seat was watching the middle screen in an akward angle so, thats the only reason I added the h/rest monitors.
quick question. Because you have the 8" bracket lift and are using Radflo coilovers..are you getting a little more lift over what the stock bracket lift gave you?? Your truck seems to sit a little higher than what I've seen
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