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Not sure what you are trying to fix but here's a couple thoughts....rail based cleaner systems generally are only sold to shops...for a couple of good reasons..the cleaners are proprietary, the profit margins for each party are really good......but mostly because of liability issues. No one wants to be sued because you burned down your garage.

The real deal however, is to pull the injectors and have them run through a cleaning machine where they are pulsed under pressure, again with proprietary cleaner chemicals, to match the patterns and flow rate back to like new, and replace necessary parts if there's a pattern fail during the cleaning process. My own experience with the bottle of cleaner that hangs from the hood and is frenched with the rail can't do that for you....lots of smoke and that's about all.....sort of like pouring Seafoam into the throttle body.

here's fair source of pro and con to each method:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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