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Hey everyone. I am looking for some help. I am installing a remote start and have been using directechs for awhile but haven't installed one in a couple years. Apparently you need a login in now. Does anyone have an account I can use real quick to flash my module? You can PM it to me. Thanks for any help. I have been using this site forever working on my truck.
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I’m in a similar boat. Best Buy wouldn’t install on my car cause it’s a manual, even though it has a neural safety switch. Being an ASE certified mechanic and mechanical engineer, I decided I’d just do it myself. Found out after the fact that it needs to be programmed by an authorized dealer. Best Buy refused. I’m now stuck with a $400 remote start installed in my car that doesn’t do anything. Did you ever get your issue worked out? If so, how? I wish they’d just give me an account for a few days to program it and then they can close it. ?
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