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Dirt King Fabrication Products are Top Notch, Not only they Provide a great product they also have the customer service to back it up.

Here's a couple of items that will work for your 1st Gen. Nissan Titan

There are multiple issues when lifting your vehicle with stock upper control arms. Both the geometry and strength are compromised due to over articulating the UCA’s. We solved these problems by designing our arms with increased castor and repositioned pivot angles reducing stress on the joints. The increased castor allows for proper alignment and improved handling. We have also replaced the weak factory ball joints with 1” stainless steel uniballs for maximum strength along with increased articulation. For the inner pivots we used heavy duty FK heims for additional adjustablity in the arm. To mount the arms to the spindle we include high grade 17-4 stainless steel misalignment spacers and grade 8 hardware. All the components on our upper control arms are rebuild-able or replaceable to make this product last a lifetime. The arms come preassembled and include detailed instructions for easy installation.

-CAD designed upper control arms
-FK 3/4" heims
-FK 1" stainless steel uniballs
-17-4 stainless steel misalignment spacers
-Grade 8 mounting hardware
-Durable black powder coated finish

Wheel Size

Maximum Backspacing 5.25"
Recommended Tire Size: 31"-33"

Additional Notes
2wd and 4WD Compatible
Works with Factory or Aftermarket Coilovers
Major Adjustability for vehicles with Alignment issues.
Designed to clear coil bucket for maximum lift.

Dirt King Fabrication Bushing Upper Control Arms

We are proud to introduce our latest upper control arms. After seeing the issues with other bushing UCAs we decided to develop a competitively priced and functional UCA.These UCAs feature polyurethane bushings and heavy duty Moog ball joints. For proper fitment our polyurethane bushings are custom machined to clear the rounded corners in the pocket. This will help prevent noise and extend the lifespan of the bushings. The outer bushing sleeves are made from 2.25" .250 wall tubing and gusseted for additional strength. They include zerk fittings allowing you to service them. The Moog ball joints are completely sealed making them ideal for harsh weather conditions. Most importantly our UCAs have increased castor and additional clearance for lifted or extended travel applications. The increased castor is needed to keep the vehicle within alignment specs when raising the ride height. The arms come fully assembled and include detailed instructions making installation quick and easy.

-(2) Chromoly upper control arms
-(4) 90 degree zerk fittings
-(8) Custom machined polyurethane bushings
-(4) Inner bushing sleeves
-(2) Moog upper ball joints

Dirt King Fabrications Billet Hiemed Steering

Have sloppy Steering with your new coilovers or bigger than stock wheels and tires? This should help!!!

Our hiemed steering upgrade is a bolt on part that replaces the factory ball joints. Our tierods allow for easy alignment and major adjustment for vehicles with alignment problems. The heims give more articulation over stock and are perfect for lifts and highly abused trucks. These will work on all stock spindles with a minimum of a 17" rim. They will not work on lift spindles.

-6061 aircraft grade aluminum tierods
-FK JM12T hiems
-High angle misalignment spacers
-Tappered spindle spacer
-Grade 8 Hardware

Dirt King Fabrication Alignment Cam Kit

When STOCK won't help...

Easily installed in the lower control arm, the K80276 Camber Adjustment Bolts allow for a total of 4 degrees of caster/camber adjustment from -2 to +2 degrees. Kit includes cams for both driver and passenger side.

Buy your for Dirt King Fabrication Alignment Cam Kit HERE!!

Dirt King Fabrication Variable Height Shackles

Let's face it, Stock shackles are prone to break when you are having fun. But these Dirt King Fabrication Shackles won't stop your fun!

Our Titan drop shackles are a great upgrade to replace the factory shackles which are prone to failing. Our fully CAD designed drop shackles are considerably stronger than the stock shackles. These shackles are a must if you are towing or offroading. They are constructed from 1/4" steel and have grease fittings for easy maintenance. Our shackles offer a variable height adjustment and are designed to allow the maximum amount of drop. They can be adjusted from a stock setting to just over 1" of drop.

If you are looking for more Products that Dirt King Fabrication offers check out the link below:

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Dirt King LCA's are the BEST invention ever!! Take a look at these!!!

The Dirt King performance lower control arms are remarkably stronger and have improved geometry compared to the factory lower control arms. We have corrected the ball joint angle reducing stress and wear on the joint. For the 4WD models we eliminated axle rub by improving the shock placement allowing for more clearance between the axle and the shock. We have also upgraded the from the weak factory ball joints to heavy duty Moog ball joints. For the inner pivots we replaced the soft factory bushings with our custom machined delrin bushings. There are several major advantages of using delrin bushings compared to the softer bushings such as stock and polyurethane. The delrin bushings eliminate forward and backward movement of the lower arm, allow for a freer range of upward and downward motion unlike the injected factory bushings, and have a much longer life span than the competition. The arms are CAD engineered with a complete boxed plate construction and weight saving internally ribbed design. They are also tabbed to accommodate for bump stops and limit straps to be used if you choose. All of these components come together to provide a reliable and smooth ride both on and off road. The arms come fully assembled and include detailed instructions for easy installation.

Boxed lower control arms
• Moog ball joints with serviceable grease fittings
• Brushed stainless steel logo plates
• Tabbed with bump stop plates & limit strap tabs
• Delrin bushings with servicable grease fittings
• Durable black powder coated finish

Additional Notes:
Maximum wheel backspacing: 5.25"
2WD and 4WD compatible
Complete bolt on, no modifications required
The vehicle's track width does not increase
Doesn't work with the factory swaybar
Doesn't work with shocks that use bushings

Nissan Titan 2WD/4WD 2004-2015
Nissan Armada 2WD/4WD 2005-2006
Nissan Pathfinder 2WD/4WD 2004

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probably the coolest thing since sliced bread.

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Plenty of items in STOCK! Let us know what we can do for you!! We appreciate your support!

Take advantage of our Summer Special!! Buy 1 item at a discounted rate, buy 2 or more of Dirt King products (i.e. DK Upper Control Arm, DK Billet Tie Rod Ends, and/or DK Lower Control Arms.) As a PACKAGED price and we will get you an even BIGGER Discount!! Deals like this won't last runs thru August and expires on the 31st. PM, Email or Call us for INSTANT $aving$
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