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Hi everyone!

As life would have it I finally manage to get all the parts I need for my mid travel set up and now my situation has changed and the truck is going away. All parts ordered are for a first gen Titan.

All prices are OBO but don't waste my time please.

I have a set of brand new Dirt King UCA of the heim variety for sale. Never mounted. Pulled one out of the box to admire it. That's it. Still nice and shiny. Looking to get $550 shipped for these.

Brand new in box cam bolts for proper cam adjustment. $50 shipped.

Set of nothing special LCA with ball joints. My bushings were seized on the cam bolts so I had to order a new set. I have no idea what shipping will be on these, it is a big box. Best offer.

Set of SAW coilovers. Bought these off of a member here. 2.25 rear piggy backs have been rebuilt and are ready for a charge. They are used, so they don't look like new. May shine up a little better but I wasn't going to crawl under my truck to look at them. The fronts need a rebuild. One is fully disassembled, the other still intact. Springs need a blast and some paint or powder coat. The piston on the disassembled unit has marring on the threads and needs to be chased. Top mounting plates for both fronts had the shock mounting bolt seize and are not serviceable. They will need to be replaced. They can be replaced with a King unit for approx $100 a piece. I have attempted to contact SAW to get a replacement but have yet to hear back. The heim bearings on all 4 are dirty but in good working order. They can be replaced for about $20 a piece. I have the heim retaining rings already. I will separate fronts and rears. Best offer on the fronts. Rears $450 shipped obo.

I will try to get pictures up as soon as I can, I have been traveling quite a bit for work.

I am in Spokane, WA but can have the parts in Portland, OR area for locals pick up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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