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Matt and I (Don) had a unique opportunity to visit the PowerSports Dealer Expo this year which took place in Indianapolis Indiana. We were like two little kids in a candy store looking at all the products for ATV/UTV’s and motorcycles. It was an absolute blast!

We arrived on Thursday afternoon after a 4 1/2 hour flight and took a short cab ride to our hotel which was luckily only 2 short blocks from the event. After checking into our room we walked over to the show. Along the way we took in some of the awesome architecture that downtown Indy has to offer.

Capitol Building

Civil War Museum

After signing in and getting a map of the event, we were off on our adventure.

Our first stop was GBC Tires.

When we arrived at their booth I noticed someone I knew. It was Mike Lasher from Lasher's Motorsports. I had just finished reading one of his recent articles in UTV Off-Road magazine on the plane ride over. It was an article on the battle of the Kawasaki Teryx builders. Mike is a long time magazine editor and racer. I have been on several new model intros with him so it was fun talking about old times. Mike told us he had just gotten back from the King of the Hammers race in California. King of the Hammers is one of the toughest rock crawling races in my opinion. He was hanging out with the winner of the race, Shannon Campbell, from Chandler AZ. Shannon is a Champion WEROC racer.

Mike Lasher

Mike was giving us the latest information on the GBC tire line up and highly recommends GBC's Dirt Commander.

Here's what he had to say about the Dirt Commander:

GBC Dirt Commander - Discount Tire

Mike also worked with GBC developing a tire liner called "SAFRS" for race and recreation applications. It's basically a runflat system for OHV tires. He told us that he had a flat and made it 50 miles back to his pit without shredding the tire. He was running bead locks so that helped as well.

Here's what Mike had to say about the SAFRS System:

GBC SAFRS System - Discount Tire


GBC Bomb Squad Tire

GBC Dirt Tamer

Here are a couple of cool vehicles we saw while walking to our next stop.

Next we dropped in on DWT (Douglas). Their display was certainly eye catching. Just like a straight axle quad, they had tires and wheels mounted and spinning on a custom rack . How unique, you could actually see how their new Sector 3-piece bead lock wheel looked while spinning.

Here's what Scott from DWT had to say about their new Sector wheel:

DWT Sector 3-Piece Wheel - Discount Tire

DWT Sector Wheel and DWT MOAPA Tire

DWT Rep. AKA Brand Manager

DWT Nitro Diablo Wheel


For a change of pace Matt and I decided to go look for some other interesting products that we could use to help our off-road experiences. We always like photos and videos so we looked up the GoPro location to see if they had anything new. As it turns out they have a new HD 3D system.

Cody from GoPro gave us a quick run down on how this easy to use system works:

GoPro 3D - Discount Tire

Being an avid rock crawler and finding myself in winching situations often, I was interested to see what Super Winch had going on. We stopped by their booth and they had an ATV set-up on a ramp where you could actually test the pulling power of their Terra 35 model.

Here's the demonstration from Eric Bohn at Super Winch:

SuperWinch Terra 35 - Discount Tire

We all need ramps and Extreme Max Products has a pretty unique design. The Extreme Max Ramp Xtender doubles as a pickup bed extender and ramp. This design recently won an award at the SEMA show.

Here's a quick video clip...

Extreme Max Ramp Xtender - Diso**** Tire

If you need some doors for the side by side check out this video from Blingstar.

Blingstar Vertical Doors - Discount Tire

One last photo for the day of a tricked out sport quad with DWT wheels.

Can’t wait for tomorrow to roll around so we can spend the whole day looking at all the products.
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