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Discount tire make me a deal!!

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Hey guys heard alot about u and me and my cousin are both shopping for new tires. Both want the cooper zeon lxt.. size 275-60-20. For me and 265-65-18 for him. Whats the best price u can give us. Zipcode 11001. And that 8 tires total.. shopping it around locally so give us a good price and u will have 2 more customers... lol. Thanks :redblob"
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... and we guarantee the lowest delivered price on the set. If you can find a competitor with a cheaper delivered price, we'll beat it!
Believe me, they will!!!

Had a smokin' deal all set up through Pep Boys for my new Cooper Zeons, but I let my local Discount shop give it a shot, and they beat the price! (Matched the buy 3 get one free, had a coupon, better road hazzard)

Love my Zeons!

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