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Parts needed:
16/18 bundle of wire from Walmart
10amp inline fuse
Soldier, heat shrink and lighter
Small socket set for battery terminal and tail light.
Metal coat hanger

Write up:
On the passenger side: Tie a little knot of wire by the positive terminal so it doesn't fall.
Run the wire down and back toward the firewall, there will be a hole on top of the frame. Drop the wire in there and use the wire coat hanger to feed it through the whole frame rail and out the back and leave it for now (time consuming).

Behind the fender well

LED LIGHTING: Starting on passenger side, Peel back the rope light and run it along the underside of the ultratrack system. At the corners just twist it to the next rail. Short beds will have extra so just cut off what's left and one of the indicated marks on the underside of the strip. Yes cut the excess off.

Remove passenger taillight and bulbs and set aside.

Soldier and heat shrink about 3ft of wire on both the positive and negative wire from the LED strip (can always cut off extra)

On the passenger side you going to want to run the wire up and under the bedside cap, there are holes under it, just feed the wires through there. You can easily see it from Inside the taillight spot.

Find a good ground, I used a bolt that connected the bumper to the frame.

Place the location of the NON WIRE magnetic switch to the tailgate as shown. And the WIRED magnetic switch to the location shown. There is a factory little hole right on the other side I ran the wires in.

Connect the positive wire you ran from the battery and through the frame onto one of the wires on the magnetic switch, and the positive wire from the LED strip to the other. DO NOT soldier quite yet incase there backwards. Lol

Hook up the battery and the lights will be on. Test out by closing the tailgate.

If they shut off when closed and on when open, great job!!

Go back and soldier the wires and heat shrink them. Install the tail light and your good to go.

If lights don't turn off and on adjust the magnet on the tailgate so when it closes there closer.

If for some odd reason the lights seem dim find a better ground. The bolts for the taillight will not work fyi
Any questions feel free to ask. also a member on the FB Titan Talk page. (Bryan Johnson)

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Nice job. Someone was looking for a solution like this where they turn on/off with the tailgate.

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I just did something similar with $7 worth of LED stick on... but hooked mine up to the cargo light circuit.

There's a plastic plug in the passenger side rear of the cab (back wall of the cab behind the wall covering behind the jack) that I ran the wires through. When you take that lower interior trim panel off, there's a ground right there and a light green wire in the harness next to that plastic plug that comes from the cargo lamp assembly. I ran the wires from the plastic plug though a hole in the right front corner of the box.

I don't have utili-track, so put it up under the box lip... hopefully if stays stuck to that factory bed-liner that's in there...


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