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DIY Muffler Swap Question

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I picked up a used 2008 Pro 4 X this past November, just upgraded to a Volant CAI yesterday (nice thanks for info in this forum). Now I am planning on doing a magnaflow muffler swap, it seems the best choice in my budget. I would like to do this myself, but looking at the current exhaust set up, back from the catalytic converters it is welded into the OEM muffler. How do I go about replacing that? It is as easy as cutting the pipes and fitting in the new exhaust with a coupler and some clamps?
I plan to replace it with MagnaFlow High Performance Muffler # 12258
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No, it's not quite as easy as that. One of the pipes needs to be cut about 18" in front of the muffler and rotated to make the fitment into the muffler work right. Then _welded_ back up. I had mine done a local chain muffler shop for about $90. If you find a mom-n-pop shop it should be less.
x2^^ its best to weld it anyways. buy the muffler and take it to a shop, they should hook you up pretty cheap.
Thanks for the input! Muffler shop it is!
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