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DNX-7100 questions

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I have a few questions for those that own one.

Can you play a dvd on a back seat screen and then switch the front back to Siruis or Nav?
Is the Nav data stored on the unit or is a disc needed?
I'd like to get a movie going for the kids w/ headphones and then listen to some Sirius. Possible?
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I believe what you propose is feasible. I don't have the DNX7100, but I read through the manual and it does have multi-zone functionality. You can download the manual from the kenwood web-site and peruse through it. I think most of your questions will be answered (or wait a few minutes and someone with a DNX7100 will answer them).
Yes, you can. There is lot of information, including lessons learned and pictures, on this site. Use the search function and search for DNX7100 or Kenwood.
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