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Do I have (1) or (2) ATF coolers?

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Can someone tell me if an 06 Titan Crew Cab 4x4 w/ BigTow comes w/ 1 or 2 ATF coolers? I can see one on the drive side in front of the radiator but I cannot see the second one.

Along the same lines, does anyone have a schematic that show how the tranny cooling system works on a Titan? I am hoping to see where the lines come in/out of the tranny and where they go.


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ok bro you have 2 coolers, one is the radiator then it exits and goes into the cooler that you saw in front of the rad. from there it goes to the tranny.

if you get under your truck and remove the plate youll see the 2 lines that go in and out of the tranny. the one facing the driver side is the exhaust line and the one facing the passenger side is the intake line.

hope it helps
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