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do i need a new tune?

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My 04 titan has cracked manifolds and the dealer wont do anything (over on miles) so I have to get some headers, but I have read on here that if I do headers and a cold air intake the truck will run lean and I would have to get tuned. Is this true?
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how and where would i get it tuned? wouldnt the MAF sensor just makeup for it with that basic of mods?
sorry for the dumb Q's i have never worked on a v8. i have been into building hondas for the last 8 years alot simpler.
thats alot off money for a daily driver the tune is $700. i use this truck to pull my drag car, im not looking to do much to it. is my best bet to get stock manifolds?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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