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Do I need an alignment with Total Chaos arms?

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I need to put aftermarket upper control arms on my titan. After the 2" mini lift kit from PRG, my upper control arms keep hitting my coil bucket when making sharp right and left turns. Now my question is, if I get Total Chaos or PRG's upper control arms, do I need to get another alignment or do I just install and go?
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I believe only if you lift or lower your current height, (like for someone with height adjustable coilovers that just has to crank them up or down a turn or two), and then only a simply Toe alignment, which you can do with a measuring tape and adjusting the tie rods. There are instructions around here somewhere. Looks easy and will save you ... I mean them $80.
Well, when I put the PRG mini lift on, I had an alignment done already. Everything is in spec but now I want to put on aftermarket upper control arms on because of A-arm and coil bucket contact. I just want to know if I need to have another alignment after I install the Total Chaos or PRG arms.
You shouln't need an alignment after installing either of these. But you uca shoulnt hit the coil bucket when turning either. Please give me a call 951 780-5331 and we can go over your options. Spending $600 on a set of uca's to fix an issue you shoulnt have doesn't seem right.
Will do Greg, I will call you and discuss this. Thanks.
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