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Do you have axle wrap problems?

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After a PM from Desertrunner, I tightened the u-bolts on my rear springs. They were loose! The dealer evidently did not tighten correctly when they installed my last diff. I tightened by hand wrench only. I need to check torque and maybe tighten a little more. I drove my truck after and the difference is night and day. I might have felt a small clunk or could have just been brake noise. What a difference. If you are having axle wrap clunking, check your u-bolts. Thanks DesertRunner. This is what TitanTalk is all about.
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Check for the popular and classic thread called something like $22 Mod. It is by JetTech.. It uses the commonly found overload springs (that cost about $22-$28) but mounted differently to act as a Traction Springs, thus limiting Axle wrap.
The Jet-tech mod is not so great IMO. Lots of squeaks and rattles.
I noticed squeaks when I had the $22 springs on but I have now swapped out to the Roadmaster Active Suspension to go with my McG's 2/3 drop and have had no problems with axle wrap and my stopping, launching and cornering were all improved, the best part the ride is actually smoother with the RAS setup in full strength.
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