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Do you know a lemon magnet?

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What I mean by this is someone who no matter what new truck they buy, within 6 months they decide they hate and it becomes the worlds biggest POS.

For example, Let call my friend Bob. Bob buys an 07 armada, loves it for the 1st six months then for unknown reasons begins to hate it like most of the other 29 trucks he has owned. When I ask why he hates it I get "tons of problems!" "Like what?" I say Then he start with his well rehearsed list.

Well when you turn the blower on high the vents slam shut!
Check engine light keeps coming on
Dash rattles
Visor broke
Tows like ****!
Has no power!?!?!?
Bottom line is he hates is and thinks it’s with worlds biggest POS.

What I find even more strange is he trades it in and buys a 2006 tundra with a 4.7 (I think) and he claims it tows circles around the Armada? How can this even be possible? He says the 2006 Tundra goes up hills better then his 07 armada ever did?

I just don’t get it. Remember it's a 2006 tundra not the new ones!
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sounds like bob is a stupid asshole. i hope you have other friends.. :)
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