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you smoke in your titan, or let other people smoke in it

  • dont smoke

    Votes: 9 16.1%
  • dont smoke. i let others smoke in the titan that smoke

    Votes: 1 1.8%
  • dont smoke. dont let others smoke in the titan

    Votes: 23 41.1%
  • smoke, smoke in the titan

    Votes: 13 23.2%
  • smoke. dont smoke in the titan

    Votes: 10 17.9%

do you smoke in your titan??? (if you smoke)

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just wondering if people on this board that are smokers smoke in their titans. i smoke but i don't smoke while i'm in the titan or in my tiburon. i do however smoke in my probe because its not as good of shape plus it was smoked in before.
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Soo whats ur question? just wondering who smokes in there titan...
i smoke but i have never smoked in my titan yet, ive only had it for little over 2 weeks. i smoked in my f-150:cool:
yea thats what i'm wondering. i hate the smell of smoke in a nice car so i don't smoke in my titan, same go for friends that ride with me. there is a strict no smoking rule in the titan and my tib. one time i had a friend that lit up in my titan b4 he got out of it and i cussed him out. other then that the titan has never seen smoke in the inside of it for the 3 years i had it.

was mainly curious if i was the only one that doesnt smoke in the titan being a smoker.
I smoke but have never smoked in my Titan. I lite up and put my cowboy hat every time I drive my 71 Chevy Pu. That truck was made to smoke in. I think in 1971 they wouldn't sell you a truck if you didn't smoke.
I don't smoke on a regular basis, but I do occasionaly after a few beers or when I have had one of those days, there is usually a pack in the truck somewhere...

Turn off your recirc AC, crack two windows so you can get a draft going and toke long as you smoke with your left hand (to keep the smoke going out the drivers window) and can keep the windown cracked when you park it, the truck won't smell like smoke...
The Titan is a no smoking zone.
I just got my new 08 Titan last night and smoked in it already had the 07 Titan and smoked in it too not too bad if u turn off the recirc and crack the window
I don't smoke but my truck is smoke :smoke: :jester:
don't smoke cigg's can't really stand them.. not too many of my friends smoke either, but the ones that do know to ask before hand.. if it's a 4 windows down kinda day outside i let the smoking go.. that's about it.

sometimes i still get a "new truck" smell when i get in.
Grnhead said:
Turn off your recirc AC, crack two windows so you can get a draft going and toke away..
You don't toke a cigarette, you toke the wacky tobacky, lol. You take a drag of a cig. ;)
hell no... i am a heavy smoker, but didn't want to kill the new car smell. plus didn't want to mess up the nice interior.
1 of the reasons I bought mine is that it has no ashtray or lighter.
I commend Nissan on their foresight.
Smoke now and then but never thought about smokin' in either Titan.
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