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Do you want a supercharger?

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I am in need of someone who fits the following criteria-

Owns 04 Titan
Lives in Ventura County, Ca
Can be without truck for 1-2 weeks
Willing to pay aprox half price for a supercharging system

Please email me directly for details if this sounds like you.

[email protected]
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PM sent on this interesting offer...
Are you kidding me, who dosent want a supercharger. Thats like saying who want a hot chick with brains, the problem is who can afford one.
I hear you, but at half price, I figure someone will take the plunge
Leadsled124 said:
Its my lucky day! i live in ventura county.
you could be neighbors, lol
goathead said:
you could be neighbors, lol
Ha i called him we almost are! lol. Im not in a position to do this right now cash wise, and since im doing cams i think i will be over my limit. For anyone that wants a vortech blower installed for CHEAP you better jump on this now
hmmm. ventura..sounds like a place that starts with a V or a P ;)
V & P is now the same place :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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