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Does this 08.5 titan look good?

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**I read the thread starter and rules first. ::angel::

So looking at a titan for my work truck. Nothing heavy, Just installing Alarms/CCTV. So I'll have a couple ladders on top and stuff in the bed.

KBB shows about 5500 price wise, but im finding the actual going price is usually as much as a few grand over kbb. It's pretty crazy here in middle TN at least.


2008.5 Titan KingCab SE 2WD with 153,000 miles.
Has a utility topper and he installed a mirror with a back up camera.

One Owner, Never any mechanical issues they say and sounds smooth, no noises or anything with the engine or drivetrain.
Only issues are driver seat torn and passenger window sometimes works sometimes doesn't.

I don't need 4wd, no biggie here in TN where it'll be a work truck not an off road toy.

He's asking 7400 and I got him down to 6250, but I'm at 6k. So we're 250 off and we've waited each other out a few days now. I just didn't want to get
too far away from the kbb price.

Here's some photos. My max budget is 6k....
(its nearly impossible to find a decent truck with less than 160k miles in my area that's newer than 06ish and is halfway decent for 6k.

Should I keep looking? I really wanted a 4 door but most of them have short beds and I had to have a 6ft bed at least plus my budget is the issue.
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It's actually going to be purchased by my boss for me who gave me a 6k budget. So really i'm not worried about needing seat covers.
Since I won't have any money in the truck, paying for seat covers, anything else I want won't be a big deal. Sorry I didn't put that in the first post.
I actually showed him this. Id rather have the van, It's just more practical. Has doors for better access on sides and gets like 25mpg instead of 15mpg.
I can always ad a ladder rack.

Oh well.

So Ill probably tell him i'll pay the 250. Personally im only going to do a few things to it myself.
I'll do a bixenon retrofit and if it doesn't have an aux cord maybe I'll put that in. Tint the windows and black out the grill and trim. Not really much else.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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