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Does Titan have an Oil Cooler?

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Does anyone know if the Titan has an oil cooler? Look at the attached photo that I took that shows a hose that connects just above the oil filter. What does this hose do? I haven't read anything about the oil in the Titan being cooled.


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Hey Stevnmd,

Thanks for posting the cooling diagram. I'm finding more and more features on the Titan that Nissan never brags about.

Is that page from the manual that you can download from the Nissan site? If so, do you like it?


P.S. I used to think you were a doctor from the "md" in your user name. I see now that you are from Maryland. I feel kinda stupid- :hat:

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stevnmd said:
Yes, all the titans have oil coolers...
Steve, great image...what section in the service manual did you find that diagram in?

Do you know if there is a similar diagram for the transmission cooler?


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