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Donahoe Racing Out of Business

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Just read this over on CT:

"I just got off the phone with Greg and he said that Donahoe Racing shut their doors. I had a set of Donahoe rear shocks (and some other non-Donahoe stuff) on order from Greg and switched to SAW shocks instead."
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Ummmm... :huh: Wow! Glad I went with SAW's too! Is this for real?
Are you kidding? Man, what the hell am I going to do if anything were to happen to my Donahoe rears? That really sucks to hear. I wonder why they closed their doors?
Website still up and running.
They are having some issues but will restructure and still offer support for all DRE products.

See post from Dylan on another forum.

Originally Posted by DylanDr View Post
Donahoe Racing has NOT closed the doors!

We are however going through a restructure

Myself and the rest of the dedicated staff are committed to bringing the off-road community the best products we can!

Creating top of the line suspension products is what I do, regardless of anodizing color or location!

Expect to see quality products, new products and features, and support of your existing dr product in the future

Thank you for your support
Dylan Evans
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A.I.I.Raciing said:
I love that Dylan used the word "restructure" versus what really happened
From the sounds of things thats just what is happening. The employees restructuring and taking over the company or renaming it.
Ok, I will post this on the other forums too. I just spent an hour with one of the mucky-mucks at the business formerly known as DRE. There will be an official press release in the next day or so, but I will sumerize what was discussed tonight. There will be a new company that will be run by nearly all of the old employees/management of DRE, I do not know the new name though. The new company will honor all the DRE products and will continue building the same upper-end suspension parts that they always have. The time frame is unknown, but they are really, really active on getting things rolling again and hopefully within 2 weeks they will be going strong.
Are the Donahoes getting out of the business, and the employees taking over under a new name?
interesting news. i wonder what color they will go with on their products that defines them as them. continue to go with black or switch to something say like a demon-flamed fuchsia??? :jester:

so what is kreg donahooo doing? is he still gonna race that big arse ford of his with Donahoo Racing logo on the sides???
hooligan said:
so what is kreg donahooo doing? is he still gonna race that big arse ford of his with Donahoo Racing logo on the sides???
The superduty race program was for sale for a few months and was recently sold. As I recall the FJ program was sold as well.
I wonder if we can get a good deal on some going out of business coilovers?:cheers:
Whatever the Donahoe business and family is up to ... I thank them for providing a major upgrade capability for the Titan, that enabled outstanding handling performance in the curves and big whoops ... and not bad off-road either. Good luck and thanks again!

Got sued by DR. Dre or what? j/k :huh:
NorCal 4x4 said:
... and not bad off-road either.
not bad?? try great! I've been able to beat 'em up pretty good w/out leaks, squeaks, or any other complaints......restructuring has got to be a big pain in the arse, losing the Donahoe name/logo/colors on the products will hurt, hopefully they'll (who 'they' may be) get back on their feet quickly..
Soooo...when is the fire sale on their products?

From a business standpoint, this is bad time to be down on the ropes, with the country slipping into a recession. Although this company made a good product, I believe their pricing placed most of their line outside of the budget of mainstream consumers. Most folks are not going to flip the bucks to buy the higher priced gear from a shaky enterprise. This is discretionary spending for most people.

I would recommend they consider adjusting pricing in order to maintain market share for the next few years. The brand name is strong and may be the best asset the survivors own.
I would recommend they consider adjusting pricing in order to maintain market share for the next few years. The brand name is strong and may be the best asset the survivors own.
Do you have any idea how much it costs in R&D to develop new products for a rather limited market(such as off-road Titans) and then production set-up time & costs?

Too many people think that because they bought Rancho 9000's for $50 each, how come "those guys" want so much for shocks?

Do I wish that level of performance(a set of DR c/o's) cost less? Yes, but the reality is that they are hi-end performace products and that doesn't come at Rancho prices...
A.I.I.Raciing said:
I have a feeling Kreg won't be racing anytime soon, I hear he's kind of tied up for the time being with other obligations!

More info can be found at Pirate4x4.....
what an idiot....probably safe to say the new employees will not want their new products associated with the Donahoe name
ptgarcia said:
More info can be found at Pirate4x4.....
...or RDC, DR, or TTORA
Ya i have herd alot about DR going out of business.. But i dont know what to belive cause there are so many idiots out there that just make stuff up.. So what really happened? I wanna get the story straight. You can PM me if you dont want S**t started. I think i know what really happened im just not 100% sure. Which sucks cause they offered amazing products. And As far as price goes. If you wanna drive a nice vehicle thats custom. Dont complain about how high gas prices are , or how expensive customs parts are for our trucks. if its that big of a problem on your wallet leave your truck stock.
I was down at DRE today. The former managment is busy getting things in order to start over. Moving buildings, changing names, etc. Many people have busted tail there for years to build an exceptional product and branding, those are the guys that are going to carry on under a different name.
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