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Door handle help

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I have a 2006 king cab and the chrome OEM door handle covers are literally falling off the truck, first the drivers side rear cover with the keyhole, and then I noticed the passenger side handle cover loose so I taped it before It fell off.

The OEM chrome covers (some are black I think) appear to have small plastic tabs that snap them in, and I've been researching replacement options. I've come across some from Dorman that appear to be the entire handle and the chrome outer piece is either snap on like OEM or maybe not, can't tell.

Anybody using these Dorman replacement handles who can attest to thier quality? Seems like a better option to just replace entire handles for not much more money than the OEM snap on trim pieces.

There's also some aftermarket chrome covers that are inexpensive and attach with double sided tape. I'll think I'll avoid those?
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If you still have the handle covers that are falling off, you may be better off using 3M Red tape to re-affix them. They'll be better than new.
I went ahead and ordered the Dorman replacements. The one with the key hole I believe tape wouldn't work, and there would be some small openings for water where the tabs are broken. Thanks for the suggestion.
Let me know how the doorman parts work for you. I've got the same issue on my 06 they just haven't completely fallen off yet.
will do.
I’ve lost my passenger side front chrome handle cover, underneath is just a black frame so I can’t tape anything to it. Can you tell mee if the replacement you used is the same as what I need?
yep! I have the same problem, dropped off a couple times. Never know when it will drop off.

Car wash toke the chrome covers off my handles, I simple silicone it with some clear and tie-wrapped it for a few days. It worked for me. Now the car wash ate the trim between headlight and bumper! Sucks!
Anyone know the part number for the OEM handles with the chrome on them?
Im not getting email notifications of thread action, so my much delayed response is the dormans kick ***. They are solid, one piece design, no covers to separate! They are of high quality as well. Install was fairly easy too
Anyone know the part number for the OEM handles with the chrome on them?
Thats not how it works. The covers come in chrome or black, and you replace the cover separately. The handle underneath is the same. You dont need a handle from nissan, you need the covers.

better to replace with aftermarket one piece design. I think i got them from rock auto. Dorman. Wow, this thread is over 2 years old
Anyone know the part number for the OEM handles with the chrome on them?


They are fully interchangeable for every door on a crew cab. When I got my truck repainted I swapped them around so the chrome that was on the bottom of the handle was the top so they looked nicer.
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