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Posting to be helpful on this topic, since I've learned a few things and bc I see this topic posted in many places.
  • You cannot open the Door inside or out, Why?
    • Frozen actuator due to weather
    • Release cable is stretched due to age or improperly removing panel previously and stretching cables to door handle or lock
    • Linkage clip fell off
  • How to open a door that won't open even from inside
    • If driver door side, pull the driver's seat (in most cases, it's only 4 bolts and unplug 1 to 4 wires based upon seat features)
    • Then proceed with removing door panel as described in many different posts/videos. With the seat removed you can swing the door panel out of place without damaging or bending the panel. (An unscrupulous dealer will try to sell a new panel to you.)
  • Once the Door is Open
    • If actuator is frozen, try to free by using mallet at increasing intervals of force, then lubricate
    • If linkage has come apart, try to reset plastic clip or innovate a way to keep it from coming off again
    • If the cable to door handle or lock is attached but operate loosely, this means they are stretched and need to be replaced
      • Generally they come attached with a new actuator and it's good to replace both at this time if you can afford both. Be careful on install or re-install not to stretch cables or you will need new parts again.
This is a relatively easy job to do with common tools but be careful to not damage parts or scrape up door panel.
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