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Where did everyone buy them at, I want to order today but want the best deal. I read somewhere on here that someone bought them for 575.00 from their site but when I looked it was a little bit more. Any info would be great
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They have them on Ebay for $545 + shipping, but I would call DT and ask them about the stainless long tube version. They posted something about that on here awhile back. If you buy from Ebay, I would contact the seller and get a delivery date cuz they were pre-selling them on Ebay for awhile.
Doug Thorley long tube headers for Nissan Titan is what you want. From there, the choices are regular (there have been posts w/pics that these will rust) and stainless (will these remain rust-free?).
Yes, the only question is whether you want that one or the SS version for more money from DT. If you want the SS version, call DT.

If you want the regular version off Ebay, you might call the seller since he lists his phone number and attempt to buy direct and save the Ebay fee.

And it seems he has another listing for the same thing for $20 less

NISSAN titan LONG TUBE headers by Doug Thorley - eBay (item 110637415602 end time Feb-16-11 18:39:02 PST)
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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