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Doug Thorleys

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Where did everyone buy them at, I want to order today but want the best deal. I read somewhere on here that someone bought them for 575.00 from their site but when I looked it was a little bit more. Any info would be great
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Yeah I'm working off shore right now, but want them waiting on me when I get home in 15 days. Good idea about the SS version thanks man calling now
Do they not make Doug Thorley long tube headers for the Titan anymore? I couldn't find them on the DT website, only on EBAY

Is this the DT Long Tube I'd want (if needed)?

NISSAN titan LONG TUBE headers by Doug Thorley - eBay (item 110547771016 end time Mar-12-11 21:10:02 PST)

Just call them, nick in sales will get you what you need
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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