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Dr/icon coilovers fresh rebuild 1k. Rc traction bars $200

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2.5 dr racing extended travel coilovers. Not for bracket lift. Icon just rebuilt, and made extended travel along with new Springs. Great shape. 1k. Rc traction bars. Larger then the dom tubing Rc uses...I'll have to check my notes at work but I bought dom tubing and had my tool and die guys tap them for me. Rc hardware. $200. Text me for pics 419 389 2085.

Bought both and a buddy offered me more then I could say no to for my truck.
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text is best 419-389-2085
I'll split shipping with you. What's zip. Text me.

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bump. offers.
200 shipped on t bars. 800 on coilovers. Text me.
t bars sold
Bump. Any offers before I go ebay?
I live in woodville also. Outside of town. Kind of in between genoa and woodville...need some coilovers or stock headlights?!

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Titan is sold. I'm onto the next build. Bigger badder and more power then the nissan. Good friend bought my Titan though. It was a good truck.

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Bump. These are aren't making anyone happy sitting in my garage! Make me a reasonable offer and they are gone..
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