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DR rear shock question

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ok another question guys. i was on the phone with Greg at PRG (ordering some more parts) and discussing setups when after i hung up the phone i thought about something he said. he mentioned my DR rear shocks wont be long enough to use with the 2.5 deavers i want. i was under the assumption (like the bilstiens) the DR's work with 0-3" of lift. he suggested the piggy back sway-aways, just wondering what you guys think or have come across. thanks again
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The DR's part # 8-7500 offer up to 1" additional travel over stock stocks, if your were to get the 2.5" Deaver you would need another shock. Greg's the man when it comes to Titan suspensions. :)
There's a catch to this, you can use the 4wd DRE rear shocks for about 2-2.5" of lift on a 2wd. The 4wd DRE are about an inch longer than the 2wd version. I should have asked which version you had on your truck now. Give me a call and we can go over whick shocks your using. If you have a 1" block and bought it at the same time as the shocks, I would have automatically sent the 4wd version. The Bilsteins are quite a bit longer than the DRE extended and allow for more travel/droop/height as are the SAW 2.25". You may not need new shocks at all. Talk to you soon...Greg
thanks for the info - guess ill add some new shocks to my list. oh well here soon the leveling kit and DR's will be for sale.
thanks greg! i cant get over what a pleasure it is doing business with you. i checked the part number on the box the shocks came in - #8-7510. thanks again for all the help - hope i didnt hold you up on the phone earlier tonight.
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