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Dragging brakes/ crappy pedal feel

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Ive had an on going issue for a few months now and am out of answers, going slow you can hear a brake groan like its a warped rotor and the pad is dragging, as well as you have to push though a 2 inch air cushion before the brakes work. I first thought it was a bent axle or warped rotor because it was only one wheel doing it, I replace the rotor and scuffed the pads. That work for a day then it came back but at a different wheel, and now all 4 wheels do it not all the time but one time L rear next R front, some times you hear it from the front and back at the same time. So far I have replaced the RR rotor, turned both front rotors (re scuffed the pads) and bled the system 5 times, I have brand new clean fluid coming out of the back calipers. The biggest help is bleeding them that makes the pedal feel great but it only last a few days then its back to feeling crappy. I am out of answers, bad M/C, cracked vacuum line, a frozen caliper, bent a hard line to far and making a pinch point? Any thoughts or things to try Im all ears. Only thing done to my brake system is longer SS front lines for my lift, each side has a different brand but Ive been told a few times that wont make a difference even if the ID is slightly different.
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After you have been driving around, stop, put in park, take foot off brake, shut the truck off, wait say 30 seconds, then push the brake pedal. Is the pedal easy to push or real stiff?
I'll check tomorrow what will this tell me
If the pedal is real stiff the first time you push it after the truck is shut off, you may have a problem with the brake booster, or the associated vacuum line or check valve.
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Off the top of my head I'm pretty sure it goes soft after the motor is cut but I'll check it Ill try or test anything here I'm out of answers
Just checked my pedal stays soft for a pump or 2
That sounds ok to me, mine work the same way.
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