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drilling in roof for blind nuts for led light bar

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Hi! I was really wanting to know if drilling through the rain gutter for LED brackets,is there another layer of metal so no rain or water gets in?

Or is it the inside of the roof above your head? I've read some instructions on some kits and it says only drill a half inch deep so I'm guessing it's true?

One more question.... if and when it's drilled,are you able to run the wires down the pillar to the engine?

Any and I mean any reply would be greatly appreciated!

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I think they don't want you drilling into anything that's under the roof sheet metal. There will be electric harness wiring, roof supports and the headliner to poke holes in. It's tricky to just go half inch once the bit gets through the metal.
WHOA! :eek_surprise: HOLD ON THAR!!
I drilled the roof of my Frontier for an OEM roof rack and there's only one layer. I would be surprised if the Titan was any different.
The safest way would be to drop the headliner out so you can determine where you can poke holes without doing any damage to internals. I'm sure there is a thread of how to on here somewhere. Mostly just removing grab handles, sun visors, overhead bins/lights and the odd bolt cover trim piece.
A little research can save a lot of headaches :wink:
You can probably route wiring under the A pillar cover, you're gonna remove the grab handle anyway, and behind the dash to a grommet in the firewall.
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It may be possible to run the wires down the windshield seal depending on the gauge of the wires.

Pull up the windshield gasket, put the wires in the gap and press the gasket back in place. Then go under the wiper cowl to the engine compartment.

That is what I did on a previous vehicle to install on aftermarket satellite radio antenna
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I installed a roof rack off an explorer on my old ranger. The rangers have a double layered roof so I used a threaded rivet, applied clear silicone to the screw and just a bit after. Ran it for 2 years without any issues. If I had a choice I would avoid the rain gutters. They are intended to help water get off the roof and can be a problem if you develop even the smallest leak. Good luck
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Thanks for the advice guys! it still doesn't help me though,really want to mount this led light bar! I just wonder if the professionals drill holes for these things using blind nuts,I can't believe these would drill right into the gutters and just think nothing but silicone is going to keep water out. I've seen on another video of a chevy truck's headliner out and seeing the pillar and it appeared to be doubled walled. wouldn't you think it has to be pretty beefy in case of a rollover? hopefully a pro will read this and be super cool and tell me how this is done right!
So call an installation shop and see how much they'll tell you.
Now after doing some searching on here I've found posts from people saying the roof is double walled. So I'm going to do this and will take pics(close up's) of the drilling and mounting of these brackets.
Thanks for everybody's reply's! it's always good to ask others
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