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Drive + Play Problem - Question about OEM deck

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First off here is what I have and the problem:

Head unit: the NON-Rockford deck with the 6 CD changer

Problem: I just installed the Harman/Kardon Drive + Play. Everything went together without any problems (installation is very straightforward), but the sound quality is HORRIBLE. I would say it is the equivalent to using an FM transmitter (no bass, weak overall power)

Connecting the iPod directly to the Aux-Input with a 3.5mm cable was MUCH better.

Essentially using the Drive + Play is the same as connecting it direct to the Aux Input - but now it is going into the "brain" of the Harman/Kardon unit before it is exported to the speakers. I just took the Aux-Input plug from the faceplate, unscrewed it from the faceplate, pulled it inside and connected it that way (there was no other option other than FM transmitter).

BUT, I have been talking to RonMartin27 - he said his sounds great - even better than the CD or radio, by far. BUT, he has the Rockford head unit.

Problem is, Ron isn't sure how his is connected (I KNOW it is different than the way I described above though). My question is, does the Rockford deck have an interface in the back for an external CD changer? If so, his is likely connected through an adapter cable, which is possibly how he is getting much better audio quality.

But maybe my unit is defective?

I have an Alpine deck that I can install which has the ability to connect the iPod through the CD changer interface....BUT I don't want to waste my time with that, if the device is defective.

I thought I'd come on here first to find out if the Rockford deck has the CD changer connection in the back- that might be my answer.
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Both the Rockford and the radio in your vehicle have the same connectors on the rear. You should be aware that both of those two radio systems are prewired for satellite radio. There is an aftermarket adapter which uses the satellite radio conection on those radio to provide two additional AUX inputs. It is possible that the other party you are talking to is using that interface.

For your present problem: the device you added could be defective, the new device may be amplifying the signal too much such that it is providing a much higher level than necessary to the radio.
Yes, both have the same number of connectors. ALL are filled. The one used for the satellite radio is prewired - there is a connector for the satellite box that resides just above the brake pedal if the satellite box is not equipped. Configured this way, addition of satellite service later does not require pulling the radio - the installer uses the in-place cable under the dash. The aftermarket adapter I was referring to plugs into the rear of the radio replacing the connector for the satellite radio.

If the normal AUX input is disabled, then I would suspect a pre-amp such as the PIE unit was hardwired between the D+P unit and the radio. The 04 radios definitely suffered from insufficient gain for the AUX input. Some external devices had enough gain to overcome this shortcoming, but a number of others did not. Addition of a PIE amp was the usual solution to increase the gain to the radio input (this was true of both the Rockford and midline HUs). My personal solution was to replace the HU with aftermarket.

The Rockford and Midline radios (both have 6 CD players) are basically the same unit. The difference is the Rockford unit does not have the 'high level' output transistor stage since it feeds to an external amplifier.
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