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Drivers Side Storage Bin

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So I've got an 04 with the pretty cool little cubby hole built into the side of the bed. Holds a decent bit too, jumper cables, hitch, tie down straps, the norm that you would have in there. Only problem with mine, it leaks more than I thought it would! My hitch is currently sitting in a pool of water because of it, anybody else have that kind of problem? I am trying to find a new weatherstrip that fits it but no luck currently. Any suggestions?
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Have you talked to your dealer about the weatherstripping? Granted, it's going to cost much more to buy it there, but they're probably going to have it. Also, they might know some other placed you can look to buy it.

Sorry to hear about your problems with it leaking. Mine stays bone dry no matter what I go through. Best of luck to you fixing the problem:cheers:
I actually brought it up with them in the spring and they said they had no idea and also had no suggestions to get it fixed. It sucks that it leaks though, It very handy for all the exta's that you carry around.
Mines usually bone dry. I wouldn't ever keep anything there that needs to stay dry.
All I have in mine are some bungie straps, tie-downs, and tow rope. But everything is in ziplock bags. The compartment is usually dry whenever I open it, but the bags have dried drops on them like they were once wet and have dried, so they probably all get some water. Some just seem to get more than others.
I thought I remember something about a weight limit of 20 pounds for that compartment. Could you have exceeded the 20 pounds and it flexes too much around the door when you go over a bump and lets water in?
I have some tie down straps and bungees in mine. My bungees came in a plastic cylinder so they get kept in there and I put all my tie downs in ziplock bags as well. It helps to keep them dry if anything does seep in. I will be getting some tow ropes soon so I will have to see how I can fit them in!
mine has been damp a few times but i was either playing in snow or had it open when wet.. generally it's bone dry...

i have a tool tote with my tie downs in there that i keep under my seat.. i carry a lot of straps for my various hobbies
Mine leaked once. Since then, every couple of washes I open the hatch and clean the weatherstripping going all the way around it. I also wipe the surface the gasket contacts on the door itself. It seems to be bone dry now. Maybe use Armorall that has a greasyness to it which might keep the rubber from drying out.
Can you drill some tiny drain holes in it? That way even if it leaks it will drain out and you won't have standing water in your storage box.
ive never seen water in mine but i know that its not that tight because the things in there get pretty dirty/dusty. however, i definately have never seen standing water in mine.
dv3andrs said:
I actually brought it up with them in the spring and they said they had no idea and also had no suggestions to get it fixed. It sucks that it leaks though, It very handy for all the exta's that you carry around.

I speak auto dealer, please allow me to translate... "we do not want to fix it, especially since you are asking for free advice." Try to look up the part # online somewhere and get several quotes from your local dealers and also some online parts suppliers. Start with the supporting vendors on this site.
I was doing some more exploring of this the other day while trying to figure out why it pulls to the right as I hit the brakes, It doesn't really even come in contact with the top piece of stripping. Is this whole door assembly height adjustable?
My 04 was bone dry for the 3.5 years I had it and so far, my 08 is the same.
I don't get it, I put my hitch, 7-4 pin adapter, a couple of tie down straps, and a set of jumper cables in there. I couldn't see it being that heavy. The hitch is just a simple hitch with a two inch ball. Who knows.
Mine leaks quite a bit too....pissed me off at first, but just glad to have it.
Well Nissan doesn't claim the box to be watertight...Have you found where the seal isn't tight? If so maybe the lid can be tweaked a little bit to tighten up the seal...

Mine does show dust & rust inside, but never standing water, if it did, I'd drill a small drain hole at the lowest point...
The major problem is the seal @ the quater where it meets the fender liner. you have to keep that seal super clean and usually i'll put my had on that side to make sure it's super tightly sealed....

mine seems like it has been wet at times and that is the only thing i can think of. i didn't see any way that the bed could drain in that direction, i didn't however check the interface where the box meets the bumper area.. that could be suspect too.
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