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Driveshaft spacer necessary?

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Sup guys, gonna get a 6 inch rough country lift in 3 weeks.. was wondering if a driveshaft spacer is absolutely necessary or would it be okay to run without one and some tips for the install to the guys who have installed a lift on a Titan... Thanks!
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Its highly recommended to maintain the correct geometry at the transfer case. Without it you'll likely have issues/failures sooner rather than later. Another issue I've heard of is the actual driveshaft coming out due to axle wrap. Traction bars are the ultimate fix for that. You're already looking at $1000 plus whatever labor you have to put that lift on. Spend the extra 70 bucks and get one from PRG. Install is mounts on the end of your driveshaft on the rear dif end of the truck. If you get one from PRG..order it today...Greg seems to get backed up and shipping may take 2 weeks.
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